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Roberto Coin

A creative brand bringing romantic and borderless imagination to life

Timeless Craftsmanship

An Italian jewelley designer known for its masterful mix of design, innovative technology and unique pieces. The pieces are visually linked by a fundamental element that has not only made the brand an icon of refinement throughout the world, but has also earned Roberto Coin the nickname of the ruby collector. A small signature ruby is set inside every piece, in contact with the skin.  According to the ancient legends of Burmese warriors, Egyptian Pharaohs and Hindu mythology, rubies are capable of bestowing a long and happy life upon those who touch them. Roberto Coin has adopted the idea and the ruby in each jewel carries personal good wishes for the wearer.  

Venetian Princess Collection

Princess is the most romantic family in Roberto Coin’s creative universe. It includes Princess, Princess Flower, Diamond Princess and Royal Princess collections and, the star of this video, Venetian Princess.

We like to say that the story Venetian Princess is mythical and fascinating.

In fact, on the inside of each jewel is a complex structure of twisted threads that seems to want to remain hidden, revealing itself only to its wearer. This allure of mystery is the same that has always characterized the city of Venice with its countless legends and secrets, handed down generation after generation.

On the outside, the design is a re-interpretation of the decorations found on Venetian palaces and confirms the romantic look of the entire Princess family. The play of black and white diamonds evokes a vision of the faint lights of the street lamps as they reflect off the dark waters of Venice’s canals, creating a fascinating effect that, once again, accentuates the city’s aura of mystery.

Here, too, we can find the same twisted thread detail that decorates all the jewels of the Princess family and the Barocco line, produced in 3D, to guarantee perfection and maximum solidity. The diamonds are calibrated to ¼ of a millimeter in both diameter and depth and set by hand using a microscope. 

Princess Flower Collection

Like Venetian Princess, Princess Flower belongs to the creative bouquet of the Princess family of collections. 

The flower made of small diamonds that decorates other Princess jewels has been re-elaborated in this collection to become the focal point of each piece. It was a natural evolution for the ornamental flower to grow until it bloomed. 

The corolla displays all of its nuances made of gold and precious stones. The characteristic twisted wire detail is also used here once again in the internal structure of the pieces to create a three-dimensional frame that holds the flower. 

Both the external part of the flower and the internal structure are created with 3D technology to guarantee the perfect proportions of the elements. Then, able craftsmen assemble the jewels, one by one, flower after flower.

This special production process makes every flower in the collection the perfect result of balance and care, just like flowers in nature.