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December 2020

The Overdressed

The Overdressed

Throughout December we’re celebrating The Overdressed’s stylish edit of refined....

4 December 2020

Overdressing with Dana Al Khalifa

A curator of brands with a focus on modern, sophisticated....

8 December 2020

February 2021

MJ by Mayyan Jaffar

MJ by Mayyan Jaffar

Let’s celebrate the month of Love with a brand that was born....

2 February 2021

Timeless Beauty Trendsetter

Shaped by simple beauty, MJ by Mayyan Jaffar embodies uniqueness....

19 February 2021

Celebrate the Joy of Living

Designed for the active stylish woman of the 21st century....

13 February 2021

March 2021

Etho Maria

Etho Maria

In honour of International Women’s Month, let your elegance shine....

4 March 2021

A Perfectionist In The Craft

Meticulous attention to detail combined with innovative....

18 March 2021

All Eyes On An Innovative Creator

Renowned for it eye-catching masterpieces, Etho Maria fulfills....

27 March 2021

April 2021

Heinz Mayer

Heinz Mayer

Embracing a stellar array of jewellers worldwide is the essence....

4 April 2021

A Pioneer of Tradition & Quality

Believing in quality, honesty and integrity are the Mayer brothers’....

19 April 2021

Artisan-Crafted Sophistication

Praised for its mastery in engineered jewellery and intricate craftsmanship...

26 April 2021

May 2021

Archè Gioielli & Felice Caradonna

Archè Gioielli & Felice Caradonna

Destined to enthrall you this May with their dynamic jewellery-making....

5 May 2021

Works of Passion

Emulating Italy’s art and style, Archè Gioielli and Felice Caradonna....

13 May 2021

Symbol of Life

Injecting metaphorical symbolism and personal touches in their jewellery....

27 May 2021

June 2021



Diversity is unified beauty and this June, Swiss luxury makes a revolutionary....

5 June 2021

Contemporary Emblem of Feminity

Modifying an old-fashioned use with a modern twist has set....

14 June 2021

New Chic Fashion

Living up to the Swiss trademark of excellence, Fullord’s signature....

22 June 2021

August 2021

Ethonica Jewel

Ethonica Jewel

Ingraining superb customer satisfaction, Ethonica Jewel's renowned reputation...

8 August 2021

The Right Fit For Every Personality

Customisation is the key that sets Ethonica Jewel's jewellery designs and styles...

12 August 2021

Flair For Distinction

Aiming for the highest quality in their jewellery; be it procuring ethically-sourced diamonds...

21 August 2021

September 2021



Empowered by the promise of preserving traditional craftsmanship techniques...

6 September 2021

Harnessing Beauty By Living In It

The mastery of beauty is attained by surrounding oneself in organic environments...

15 September 2021

Marvellous Wonders

Evoking emotions that are inspired by everyday life such as nature, architecture...

27 September 2021

October 2021

Solitaire Jewels

Solitaire Jewels

Refining a mission to encompass one core principle that is to help people feel happy...

5 October 2021

An Aim to Please

Giving value for money spent, Solitaire Jewels focuses on thoughtfully curated jewellery pieces...

17 October 2021

Innovative Glamour

The involvement of their customers from design to production is what Solitaire Jewels  live by...

29 October 2021

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