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Jeweller of the Month

A perfectionist in the craft

Our exclusive tête-à-tête with Etho Maria offers an impressive overview into the creativity and methods used to build this high end jewellery brand.

Meticulous attention to detail combined with innovative technology builds the core of Etho Maria’s stylish creations.

Established in 2008, Etho Maria is known for its detail-oriented and precise craftsmanship that form some of its stunning signature jewellery displayed at the brand’s atelier. Their new and fresh creations of today become iconic classics of tomorrow.

Though Greek owned, Etho Maria is an international company that consists of a team of people from various nationalities, different cultures and disciplines. The brand's designs are influenced by all continents, varying from ancient art, ancient Greek pottery and architecture, Islamic art and handicrafts, old Chinese decorative items, Egyptian manuscripts etc.

Etho Maria is constantly innovating and presenting something new and exciting. The jewels that are new and fresh today become classics that attract attention after some years.

All eyes are naturally drawn to an Etho Maria creation. Our aim is to make women feel adorned and noticed when wearing our jewellery.

Etho Maria is committed to sustainable development and transparency. Our goal strives to increase the overall sustainability performance of our collections while working closely with our sourcing partners to ensure the greatest possible transparency is carried out regarding the provenance of coloured gemstones. We have implemented a self-regulatory initiative for our diamond suppliers which requires them to refrain from buying or selling conflict diamonds.

Additionally, we provide relevant and appropriate educational, training and management resources to our retailers so that they can communicate our commitment to end-users thus bringing awareness to sustainable and responsible efforts.  

Etho Maria is continuously evolving. Over the years, we have introduced collections that were enthusiastically received at the time and are still admired today. 

Etho Maria will be presenting its latest 2020 and 2021 collections at Jewellery Arabia.