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Jeweller of the Month

An Aim to Please

Solitaire Jewels' owner, Alok Suresh Krishnani gives a one on one interview to Jewellery Arabia where he gives a candid insight into his company that is customer-oriented at its core.

Giving value for money spent, Solitaire Jewels focuses on thoughtfully curated jewellery pieces with their customers in mind, whilst also undertaking the job of educating and involving each client in the jewellery making process.

Solitaire Jewels is a family-owned business of over 4 decades that concentrates highly on their customers' jewellery requirements from design, to production and then to the final work of art for their client. They stand out from their competitors with their superior quality and industry knowledge that has prompted them to be the ultimate jewellery shop for buying jewellery and diamonds in Dubai.

Ensuring transparency in the quality of their diamonds and jewellery, the team educates its customers about their options and what best suits their requirements. With jewellery being an expensive yet personal experience, the company's goal is to make their customers feel positive and confident about their buying journey and their selection process.



Modern, Timeless and a Customer-centric after sales service.


Yes, we don’t do any illusions of any kind, our focus has always been on solitaire pieces that are high in quality and perfectly matched in colour.

I would say our daily wear collection, which includes chokers, bracelets, earrings and so much more variety in different shapes including pear shape, marquise, emeralds and rounds. The other collection we sell the most is bridal jewellery including solitaire rings and diamond sets.  

Our latest collection was inspired by the colours of nature. We have used a mix of stones including coral, lapis, turquoise, mother of pearl and many more.  We have combined these colours in long chain necklaces that are available in greens, pinks, blues and reds mixed together. Our clients love using these daily as they are so unique and rich.

I think it was all about accepting technology as a growing part of all our lives. We all as a community need to be active on social media and communicate with our clients in whatever means they prefer. Our preferences mean less.

Over the last 15 years Jewellery Arabia has been one of our most important events, we value the show because it’s a great platform to meet our existing clients in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and surely meet new ones each year. For 2021, the key element is the separation we have had for over 2 years from most of our clients which we are looking forward to meeting them face to face again.

Trust is the most important element, it is very important to trust your jeweller. Second piece of advice, is go for quality first and then compare the price. Since jewellery is an expensive purchase, its important to buy something that lasts forever and holds its value.

I would have to say it’s the tennis bracelet, even though it sounds boring, it’s the piece that most of my clients love and wear it every day. I once had a client who wore her bracelets for 4 years straight literally everywhere.