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Emblem of Feminity

Walk along the amazing journey of founder and creative director, Sandrine Thibaud as she recounts her experiences in life that has led to Fullord’s incredible success.

Modifying an old-fashioned use with a modern twist has set Fullord’s jewels and collections apart. They reflect each woman’s personality and boldly expresses their creativity.

Fullord’s DNA is giving life to jewellery by inventing and patenting a brand new jewel that combines the beauty of gold and diamonds with a practical purpose thus offering the highest level of personalisation to its clientele.

Given my family business in the yacht industry, I was always looking for a solution to secure my scarf during boat outings. However, I quickly found out there was no fashionable nor practical solution for t hat. That is when I came up with the idea of taking a scarf ring and pairing it with a necklace in order to create a revolutionary jewel, that on top of being precious and beautiful would have a practical use. When the first sample arrived I understood the incredible potential of the idea and decided to build a brand around it.

The name Fullord is a mix between the words 'foulard' and 'or' which in French respectively mean scarf and gold: the two elements that represent the essence of the brand.

I strongly believe that everyone has to express themselves. The way we dress, the accessories we choose, the jewellery we wear are a vehicle to tell the others who we are and who we want to be in this world.

Fullord pieces, especially the patented jewel consisting of a blend between a scarf ring and a necklace, give the opportunity to play and experiment with them to create different styles on the side, at the front or at the back and express one’s personality. There are no rules with Fullord jewels, they can be whatever the person who wears them wants them to be. They are a medium to tell who you are, to showcase your creativity and uniqueness.

She can express her character, personality, inner wealth and preciousness.

The idea came from a real need of mine that I was confronted with. I felt that scarf ring options on the market were old-fashioned and impractical, as once you want to take your scarf off, you have no idea what to do with the scarf ring and you end up losing it most of the time. With Fullord once you take it out of the scarf you are left with a beautiful necklace.

Of course, I believe the Middle East can be an exceptional market for Fullord but this jewel is meant to be international, having no limits neither of age nor appearance. Fullord collections are designed to fit every look.

Of course, the fact that we are presenting a revolutionary jewel that we developed and patented, which I think is a big premiere on the jewellery market!

This period of pandemic allowed us the time to work and develop new collections and ideas. We really took the opportunity to plan the brand's future and have worked for its launch on the Middle East market. We had the time to create some one-of-a-kind pieces that will be exclusively sold at the tradeshow and showcase Fullord's exquisite craftsmanship capabilities. Exhibiting at the event is therefore Fullord's big release to a new market. We are extremely excited to meet Middle East customers and get their feedback on the incredible pieces we have been working on in the past year, as our 2021 objective is really to build a presence in the area and to create a relationship with clients, giving them the opportunity to own one-off pieces.

All the materials we use are certified by RJC and this mostly concerns the way they are sourced which is extremely important to us. Sustainability involves a million different aspects. It is not only about the environment, which of course we are conscious about, and which we try to protect by avoiding the use of chemical products in our production line as much as possible. Sustainability concerns the way raw materials are sourced as well and we are proud to say that the gold and the stones used by Fullord are procured in the total respect of fair work conditions and without the use of child labour. Same goes for our production which is a hundred percent located in Italy offering our clients only the best of expertise and craftsmanship.

I believe that in the world we live in, this side of the industry cannot be avoided and real luxury must take into account each aspect of the creation and development of the products to guarantee the client that only the best has been selected at each stage of the process. To me, luxury is not only about beauty and sumptuous experience, it is knowing that every detail is thought out, from the first sketch to the delivery to the final customer.

They will find lots of Fullord scarf ring necklaces, from the classic and simple designs to the more extravagant ones. We are also proposing some full sets developed around our designs with matching ring, bracelet and earrings such as the Chrysalide and Eagle collections. There will be some exclusive high jewellery pieces that are not available online and that have been created especially for the event, such as the Butterflies Fullord and the Chameleon Fullord, that showcase the incredible creativity and craftsmanship of the brand. The wonderful Ghost and pink Ghost collections with their full pavé design which are extremely refined and unique; but also our classic Gear collection which is the perfect option for the couples who are looking for his and hers matching ring and bracelets.

We are really looking forward to welcoming Middle East clients into the world of Fullord and making them live an exquisite luxury experience discovering our jewels.