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Jeweller of the Month

Harnessing beauty by living in it

Get to know the brainchild behind all the extraordinary and unparalleled creations of FerrariFirenze with Giulia Callegari, the owner.

The mastery of beauty is attained by surrounding oneself in organic environments that inspire the best creations one can execute; a successful direction that has been led by FerrariFirenze's amazing owner and passionate team.

FerrariFirenze's artistry and success are aquired by combining incredible craftsmanship, technical excellence and innovation under one roof. The company derives their creative styles and designs from nature, architecture, history and many more.

With the help of talented artisans at the atelier, we see how intricate customisation is implemented in each collection - simple elegance infused in everyday wear and fascinating designs for those formal evening wear. 

Unlock the hidden meaning of each masterpiece from a diversified, handmade jewellery entity such as FerrariFirenze.

Handmade in Italy | Incredible Craftsmanship | Exceptional Quality


FerrariFirenze is a young brand, born in Florence in 2011, but our craftsmen, management and ownership have over 250 years of experience combined in the sector.

Ferrari is the last name of Giulio Ferrari, our founder and the master craftsman, and Firenze is Italian for Florence the place where this dream began. The city where Italian art made history.

Unique, elegant, independant and beautiful but mostly happy!

Our office and atelier is located in Villa Corsi Salviati, a 15th century villa adorned in beauty located in Florence. We get inspired by nature, the architecture, the history and art and the beauty that surrounds us. To create beauty you must live in beauty.

Two of our best selling collections are Spettinato, meaning ruffled or tousled. Just like the delicately undulating petals that adorn our Spettinato collection’s rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. White, yellow and rose gold are combined with diamonds and precious gemstones to highlight each petal’s sparkle and colour.

The next one is FerrariFirenze’s Bubbles collection that frames natural simplicity. The collection is unpretentious. It is unafraid to echo the most uncomplicated of motifs. Bubbles forms a classic sphere, reminiscent of our planet and the circle of life. It’s a design that is delicate yet bold, almost vintage in its style. The repetition of bubbles gives a dynamic feel to the collection. This is paired with swaying movements of the settings themselves such as the dangle of the earrings, the twist of the rings or the gentle tinkling of the bracelets like birdsong at dawn.


Yes, we are passionate about reducing our ecological footprint. We strive to be zero waste. Our goal is to ensure 100% of our packaging is created from recycled materials. We are equally careful about the provenance of each of our gemstones and every ounce of gold.

We are one of the very few companies who does everything inhouse, from the design to the final product. From the dream to the idea to the design, to the choice of the gold colours, then the precious stones and then to the actual realisation of every single component. All of this is incredibly fascinating to follow but my favourite part are the reactions of our clients when they try on our pieces.

We love every single part of our job. The happiness women get when they meet us and are adorned with our jewellery is part of the satisfaction we get. We are proud of our job and the way in which we have built our business model.

Our new collections!

Being a boutique atelier and doing everything inhouse, we make new pieces every month. New colour shades come out every week. These are produced alongside our iconic collections, the ones that are so loved that we keep making them.

Quality, quality, quality. Buy something handmade, something that doesn’t cost the planet. Something that has a guarantee or a certificate. The customer service after buying a jewellery piece is very important and we know it!