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Jeweller of the Month

Overdressing with

Dana Al Khalifa

Meet Dana Al Khalifa, the stylish entrepreneur behind our December Jeweller of the Month, The Overdressed.

A curator of brands with a focus on modern, sophisticated pieces, we caught up with Dana from The Overdressed to find out more…

Dana Al Khalifa is the discerning eye behind The Overdressed, a social media space for the finer luxuries in fashion. Her brand extension and new online store The Overdressed Pavilion showcases a covetable collection of fine jewellery from designers across the Middle East and beyond.

The inspiration behind it was ultimately people stopping me to ask where they could find a certain piece of jewellery that I had photographed. So I decided to create a space in which everything I photograph is found under that “Overdressed” approved umbrella.

I personally choose them because I like them and would wear them myself. Online it is the same, I chose pieces selfishly, ones that I would want to own!

We launched VAK on December 1. We are honoured that we are able to carry such a beautiful collection. I love all the designers I work with. I have personal relationships with everyone, we are in direct contact on a constant basis.

Jewellery is a sustainable purchase, it is something you keep forever. When buying a piece of jewellery I advise my clients to really think about how the piece will fit into their life. Will they love it? Will they wear it? And nothing makes me happier than seeing friends of The Overdressed Pavilion wearing their purchases while getting their kids from school, or picking up coffee from Green Bar! I would love to officially collaborate with my sisters, I think we do it together unofficially and indirectly because we are in constant communication and bounce ideas off each other. I am highly influenced by them, especially Reem who’s discerning eye is something I greatly admire and consult with.

My ultimate rule is, if you love it wear it! A pair of beautiful earrings can really do wonders to elevate a look. I really love earrings, they give a nice glow to the face and lift an outfit up instantly.

I used to walk the entirety of London in heels. I have not worn heels during day time for almost 5 years now! I love sets for looking instantly dressed up while staying comfortable. That look works with flats too for convenience.

While I buy things for myself, I hope she likes my style, I want to gift her my own pieces that have been gifted to me from my mother and grandmother, but of course it needs to be appropriately done, since I haven’t even pierced her ears yet because I find it inappropriate for her age!

The other day I asked my friend: “Don’t you think I would be overdressed?” and she replied: “What’s wrong with that?” So I suppose my motto is ultimately it is always better to be overdressed!

I am hoping exhibitions will come back because personal relationships are everything in the jewellery business. I am however very proud to be able to serve the online community and people who cannot physically reach us.