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The right fit for every personality

Get to know the driving force behind Ethonica Jewel's outstanding success, their goals and values inculcated by their experienced founder of 30 years - Kavita Bajaj. 

Customisation is the key that sets Ethonica Jewel's jewellery designs and styles at a different level that exudes grandeur and distinction.

Ethonica Jewel's core strength centres upon providing special one-of-kind pieces to their clientele for any occasion, whilst maintaining the best of customer satisfaction from the design till the manufacturing process. They help to compare diamonds, choose the perfect setting, find matching wedding bands as well as select and design fine jewellery.

With over 30 years of experience, Kavita’s extensive knowledge is a rare resource that customers can take advantage of, to learn about pieces and truly get the best value for their money.

Ethonica focuses on quality, design and value engrossed jewellery.

Ethonica signifies authentic and impressive.

Our solitaires in various shapes and sizes are the most beloved of our collections. The crown jewels of our rings, earrings and necklaces, our solitaires are hand picked to deliver the utmost quality and value for every piece we design.

In our collection, we have a number of special sets, one of which is particularly dear to me. The necklace consists of solitaires in the shapes of cushions, pears, hearts, emeralds and rounds. The stones making the neck of the necklace are all between 1 and 7 carats. The centre of attention, the party piece which rests dangling from the neck is a 15 carat fancy yellow pear. The necklace is made in platinum, giving it an everlasting luster. I love this piece because I think despite the diamonds packing a punch in size and quality, the piece is very versatile. The elegance it oozes, allows it to sit comfortably in every setting, I can imagine that warrants its presence.

Ethonica has a long history tied with Jewellery Arabia and we want to continue the tradition we have established of exhibiting here. Our aim is to reconnect with our customers and build new relationships that will last for generations.

I first realised that I would like to pursue a career in jewellery when I moved to New York City with my husband. I learned the trade while working on building relationships with merchants and customers across the United States, and got my GIA certification thereafter. After being exposed to the world of jewellery, I realised that I enjoyed my daily responsibilities of interacting with people in the trade.

A lot of people from different backgrounds work in the jewellery business, so every day presents a new learning experience and challenge. I also liked the idea of helping people make special occasions a little more special.

My biggest mentors have been my customers. I feel satisfied in my work only when my customer is satisfied, so I learned a lot about what makes my customers happy as I worked with more, different caste and creed. I do my best to learn from all the different situations that arise from designing pieces to delivering them.

You will always see me in my studs. Each stone is a 3.5 carat brilliant round stone, set in 18K gold. Everyday, they help me feel like I have completed my look. I wear my bangles daily as well as my assorted rings and my necklace that I have worn for almost 10 years. In our culture, bangles stand for health, luck and prosperity, and I have worn mine for over 30 years. I wear multiple rings as well, such as a deep green Colombian emerald and my aforementioned studs.

I think it is important to remember the distinction of quality solitaire jewelry being an investment over an expense.

I am planning on debuting some solitaire sets of pendants, earrings and rings. The diamonds on these pieces are supplemented by beautiful semi precious stones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and tanzanite.