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Jeweller of the Month

Timeless Beauty


We were lucky to get up close and personal with the founder of MJ by Mayyan Jaffar. She shares her passion for beauty and the love that ignites her creations with our Jewellery Arabia fans through this exclusive interview.

Shaped by simple beauty, MJ by Mayyan Jaffar embodies uniqueness and seeks wearability for any woman who has one of her pieces on. A tribute to femininity, her collections break the norms of fashion thus creating statement jewellery that reflect an individual’s personality.

Founded in 1998, MJ by Mayyan Jaffar is a home grown brand based in Bahrain. Hailing from the Asia Jewellers family, Mayyan’s trendsetting collections are inspired from her love of nature, fashion, culture and vintage 1950’s cinema.

When MJ by Mayyan Jaffar was founded in the late 90’s, my main wish was to bring simple beauty. I have always been passionate about gemmology and wanted to create a collection that doesn’t follow necessarily the latest fashion trends but offers a range of remarkable timeless creations, choosing rare and precious stones that are enhanced through unique handcrafted designs.

It absolutely does! I get inspired everyday by what our beautiful island and its people offer us; the beauty and positive vibes from the sea and nature, people’s warmth and this pleasant feeling of freedom that we all enjoy.

MJ collection is influenced by life’s simple beauty and nature which is reflected on each of the jewellery piece made. From beautiful stones with vibrant colours to the raw gold we use that is not altered. MJ by Mayyan Jaffar is a tribute to feminity as each jewellery is as unique as the woman who wears it. Also, it is important for me that they are comfortable enough to be worn every day to fit everyone’s lifestyle.

I’m proud of Art Deco the latest signature collection; stylised motifs, colourful gemstones with bold and geometrical shapes capturing the spirit of this famously flamboyant period.

Also, I love creating jewellery that stands out and breaks the norms such as necklaces that can be worn on your back and shoulder. I like to find new and versatile ways to wear jewellery. Again, we aim to create statement pieces that would reflect their owner’s personalities.

Fitting all in one day would be extremely ambitious but I’m doing my best to keep a healthy balance between my role and responsibilities as a mother, company director, jewellery brand owner and designer. It is not easy, but I am feeling encouraged by all the women in society that are facing the same challenges. Keeping a positive attitude really helps.

I really love fashion and finding the perfect match between jewellery and outfits is really amusing and truly reveals our mindset. Sometimes, I am choosing simply by colour. For instance, turquoise and aqua are a couple of my favourite colours and always set my mood while I begin my lucky day.

One of the main highlights for us jewellers will be Jewellery Arabia 2021. Sadly, having the show cancelled in 2020 for the first time since its creation due to the pandemic, I am truly looking forward to participating at the upcoming one. I’m already working on the collection that will be unveiled and launched during the event.