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Connect with Italy in these sensational interviews from two amazing founders and designers of Archè Gioielli and Felice Caradonna – Melanie Pilagatti and Felice Caradonna.

Emulating Italy’s art and style, Archè Gioielli and Felice Caradonna design jewellery that embodies a woman’s attitude and personality, inspiring both brands’ motto of self-confidence, creativity, sensuality and unconventionality.

Archè Gioielli and Felice Caradonna are traditional Italian jewellery brands that have been practicing excellence in their quality and service for over 40 years with the aim of drawing attention to Italian craftsmanship and originality.

Both brands interpret the concept of jewellery in a modern key, a combination of tradition and innovation. Archè Gioielli has a more modern and timeless touch in its creations while Felice Caradonna has an artistic and sophisticated style.

Felice Caradonna tries to give his interpretation by combining elegance and good taste with an original exclusive jewel. Felice stands out on the international scene for the unique design and customisation of jewels with constant attention to the customers and their relationship with the jewel.

All our collections are handcrafted in our workshop, using only high-quality materials such as 18K gold and gemstones which are carefully chosen with passion and love by the expert artisans and gemmologists.

Our goal for 2021 is to raise awareness of our Italian craftsmanship and let our customers be self-confident and elegant while wearing our new collection.

The word sustainability, fortunately, is now part of our vocabulary and each of us is working hard to do our best. Our world of jewellery also plays its part with conscious and certified creations.

Archè Gioielli and Felice Caradonna provide excellence in terms of quality and service, making sure that all products are sustainable and that all materials used come from ethical sources.

Nicolas Pilagatti is the founder of the company Archè Gioielli and he discovered his passion for craftmanship when moved with his family to France. He began his professional career in 1971 and, afterwards, he decided to return to Italy to create his own company. The creative direction of the company is now in the hands of his daughter, Melanie Pilagatti. She has inherited his goldsmith rigor and love for details.

Felice Caradonna started his activities of being a craftsman in 1984 under the guide of master goldsmiths known for their excellence. Over the years, he has always looked to the future, showing himself to be an innovator in the handmade. Nowadays, he has a family business with his sons.

Every woman has a treasured jewel in her collection; it can also be a unique solitaire. Our main goal is to give a special dream: the perfect, inimitable jewel, chosen and made specifically to be worn by our customers.

An elegant and sophisticated style, modern and always current. From the gold ring to the elegant diamond solitaire and from the jewel with precious stones to the timeless royal ring.