Digital Advertising

A bold collection of exclusive high-end product visuals will be launched on Jewellery Arabia 2018 website and social media. This is a unique advertising opportunity for exhibitors to reach a larger target audience and virtually set their jewellery and watch designs apart. 5 featured exhibitors can avail of this offer at US$ 2,000/slot and will be prominently positioned on the event’s homepage, and displayed on a special webpage too. Limited spots available so enquire now.

Print Advertising

The Jewellery Arabia 2018 show catalogue is the only official and comprehensive guide to the exhibition. Published by Middle East Media LLC (MPP) using the highest standards, a total of 40,000 copies will be distributed to every visitor at the entrance of the venue and distributed in advance of the exhibition to a select list of VIPs to promote awareness and maximise attendance.

PositionUnit Price
Full Page (Colour)US$ 6,000
Full Page (Black & White)US$ 4,500
Double Page Spread (Colour)US$ 8,000
Inside Front Cover (Colour, English side)US$ 8,000
Inside Front Cover (Colour, Arabic side)US$ 8,000
Front Cover Gatefold (Colour, Both Sides)US$ 8,000
BookmarkUS$ 7,210