The organiser of Jewellery Arabia 2018 has merged with UBM and is now known as UBM AEM.

UBM AEM logo

UBM is the largest tradeshow organiser in Asia with 42 offices and 1,600 staff in 25 major cities, and a combined portfolio of 150 major events, 28 trade publications and 18 online products covering a wide range of market sectors.

UBM AEM has 39 years experience of organising highly successful exhibitions in Bahrain and Kuwait.

UBM AEM’s portfolio of events include:

  • Autumn Fair – The Bahrain Consumer Products Exhibition
  • GEO – The Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition
  • MEOS – The Society of Petroleum Engineers Middle East Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition
  • KOGS – The Society of Petroleum Engineers Kuwait Oil & Gas Show and Conference