Style on Show: The Overdressed Pavilion’s Glittering Collection for Jewellery Arabia 2019

Suzanne Kalan necklace
Carolina Bucci bracelet
Charmaleena bangle

Bahraini style influencer and founder of the Dana Al Khalifa is returning to Jewellery Arabia 2019 with a curated pavilion of international and local jewellers, who focus on producing beautiful modern designs using precious and semi-precious stones.

Visitors will find a selection of contemporary jewellery by regional and international designers displayed against a beautiful backdrop decked with flowers. The stylish curation aims to fill the gap for young women who are looking to build their jewellery collections with timeless pieces that are both beautiful and affordable.

The Overdressed pavilion will host returning brands including Saudi-based brand Charmaleena, Milanese brand Istanboulli Gioielli, Paris-based label Nuun Jewels, cult USA brands Suzanne Kalan and Bhansali, and Italian designer Carolina Bucci alongside first-timers, such as emerging UAE brand Savolinna.

Since the inception of TheOverdressed as a blog in 2009, the platform has been cultivated to become the trusted go-to social media source for anything beautiful and refined. Connecting people across borders, TheOverdressed enables the jewellery savvy to find exclusive brands they would not otherwise find in the Middle East.

“TheOverdressed pavilion at Jewellery Arabia makes the electronic physical; we curate a selection of jewellers ranging across countries and continents and gather them under one roof. This provides us and our jewellers with the opportunity to present what we love in physical form, and it gives our jewellers the opportunity to meet their followers first hand, who eventually become clients of those jewellers,” said Dana Al Khalifa.

“Essentially, we have created a whole new customer base from this platform. We are being referenced in our region as a new and unique business model,” she continued.