• Visa requirements

    Visas are required by all visitors to Bahrain except passport holders of the GCC States.

  • Entry requirements

    All passport holders should ensure their passport is valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into Bahrain, and carry onward or return air tickets.

    Exhibitors should also ensure that they carry a letter of authority from their company referring to the exhibition.

  • Visa on arrival

    Passport holders from 60+ countries are granted visas on arrival. Passport holders from these countries are also eligible to apply for an e-visa ahead of their arrival. To check eligibility for a visa on arrival, or to apply online for an e-visa please visit: www.evisa.gov.bh


    Passport holders from 30+ countries are exclusively granted e-visas ahead of their arrival. To check eligibility for an e-visa and to apply online please visit: www.evisa.gov.bh

    Exhibitors who are eligible for e-visas may also apply via the organisers. Please complete the Visa Application Form and return it to UBM AEM together with clear copies of relevant passport pages before 7 November 2018.

    A charge of BD 31 (US$ 82) for two week visa or BD 42 (US$ 112) for one month visa (NOC) is payable in advance and is listed in the application form.

  • Media visas

    Journalists, media and accompanying crew members are required to register for a media visa in advance of their visit to Bahrain. Applications should be made directly to the Department of International Media Affairs for Foreign Media at the Bahrain Information Affairs Authority.

    For further information on requirements and to apply online for a media visa, please visit the Bahrain Information Affairs website: www.mia.gov.bh/en/services/Pages/Media-Visa-Application-Form

The organisers cannot be held responsible for anyone who fails to obtain a visa as they are issued entirely at the discretion of the Bahraini authorities.