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Roberto Coin

A creative brand bringing romantic and borderless imagination to life

Explorer of Beauty


Every Roberto Coin creation is signed by a hidden ruby.
The idea of the ruby as a symbolic signature comes from an ancient time and the pages of antique books.
The passion for history and mythology led Roberto Coin to discover three very special stories. Three tales that mixed reality and imagination, as is the nature of every true legend, and led him to a fundamental choice for his future. 

The first legend belongs to the world of ancient Egypt. The pharaohs believed that the ruby was a sort of talisman capable of, if kept in contact with the skin, guarantee love, joy and everlasting health
The second legend narrates the tale of Burmese warriors who wore the ruby for protection on the battlefield. And lastly, the third legend comes from an old Hindu myth in which rubies were considered to be the precious fruits of the sacred Kalpa tree – the tree of hopes and desires.
Roberto Coin found a passionate, meaningful symbol in the ruby and decided to identify the soul and the mission of his creative world with this little precious stone.

Princess Flower Collection

Princess Flower is the most romantic collection in Roberto Coin’s creative universe.
It’s truly a jewel corolla that grows in all the colors of gold, covered in a jubilation of precious stones. The petals celebrate the infinite nuances of the colors in nature. To adorn the petals of Princess Flower, Roberto Coin used the purity of mother-of-pearl, the dark sensuality of black jade, the depth of malachite, the intensity of lapis lazuli and the joy of turquoise. Then came the rain, a fundamental element in life, which, in these pieces, could only be interpreted with diamonds.
The twisted gold thread detail has become a recognizable trademark of Roberto Coin and is present in Princess Flower, both as the frame that supports and embellishes the petals, and as the internal structure of the pieces. In fact, each corolla is supported by a complex three-dimensional structure, a hidden feature of the flower that makes it stronger and more durable. It could be said that the flower jewel created by Roberto Coin is one that never wilts.
The traditional artisans and the most modern technology work in perfect balance to realize the pieces of the collection. This special production process ensures that every flower in the collection is the perfect result of balance and care, just like flowers in the world of nature.
In recent years, the success of the Princess Flower collection has grown relentlessly, making these flower jewels a true symbol of the brand that is recognized the world over. The beauty and variety of their design celebrates not only the infinite diversity of nature but that of the women who wear them as well. The world of flowers is infinite, with no flower the same as another; they are all unique, just as we women are.