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Celebrating Women's Day: A Spotlight on Sarah Ho Jewellery

Sarah Ho is an award-winning fine jewellery designer creating bold and colourful jewels. Each creation celebrates natural gemstones, pearls and diamonds in a unique combination.

Born in Hong Kong and a childhood in Macau, Sarah moved to the UK to study and went on to establish her jewellery brand in London. Influenced by the strong women in her family, particularly her grandmother, Sarah became fascinated with the glamorous outfits and jewellery they would wear. This sense of style and love of jewels ignited her passion for design and continues to inspire her.

Tell us about your creative process. What are your main sources of inspiration?

I find inspiration in everything around me from fashion to furniture, patterns and interesting surfaces.  I am always snapping away with my camera gathering inspiration for my future designs. 
I am particularly interested in textiles, embroidery, beading and details on garments.  Before turning my focus fully into jewellery, I studied fashion design in London and worked for several fashion brands and magazines. My experience in fashion has hugely influenced my style as a jewellery designer.  I always tell my clients that I don’t design like a traditional jewellery designer, I design with more of a fashion aesthetic.  I love to work in all media, whether it is on paper or digitally.  Developing a design is, without a doubt, the favourite part of my work.  It is like solving a puzzle until all the elements work in harmony together. 
My other passion is mixing unusual colour palettes to create something unique. I love colour and it plays a huge part in every sector of my life.

Tell us about a specific piece of jewellery you created that has a unique story behind it. Was it inspired by a person, event, or tradition?

One of the most memorable moments in my career was when I created my first-ever Masterpiece in 2009. I worked on it after the birth of my first child. It was a pair of platinum and rose gold earrings in the form of the bird of paradise set with natural diamonds and conch pearls. 
My inspiration for these earrings came from a trip to Paris where I fell in love with the fashion from the Art Deco scene and was particularly drawn to the work of George Barbier - a 20th century Haute Couture fashion illustrator. 
This was a significant milestone in my career as we now launch several High Jewellery pieces each year.  This was also the first time I ventured into using natural pearls, which have become one of my most loved gemstones.  I have now collected a number of natural pearls and I am constantly searching for more to add to my precious collection. 
Most importantly the shape from the body of the bird in these earrings has become the logo of our brand. This iconic shape now runs through most of our collections, with the launch of new designs dedicated to this iconic shape every year as part of our Monogram Collection. 

What do you want women to feel when wearing your jewellery?

Our mission is to empower women through timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship.  We understand that the majority of our clients are women who purchase for themselves, and it's our utmost priority to ensure that each piece of jewellery they adorn serves as a symbol of empowerment and confidence.
When a woman wears our jewellery, we want her to feel a sense of inner strength and assurance.  Whether she's stepping into a boardroom, celebrating a personal achievement or simply embracing her everyday moments, we want our jewellery to be a reflection of her resilience and determination. 
So, to all the remarkable women who grace themselves with our jewellery, we want you to know that each piece is crafted with you in mind, with the intention to elevate not just your style, but your spirit as well.

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